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AMAQUEN is a Think Tank in the field of Education offering all the back-end features you will ever need. Add any suggestion and power any thoughts, non-profit, school, or institutional services.


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AMAQUEN is the Think Tank which give you the best opportunities to think about the future of education through many activities of networking, research and studies!

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AMAQUEN is offering you many services which allow you to contribute in the building of Quality in Education.

Many Activities

AMAQUEN includes different Activities Types
that can be combined together create unique and powerful
Think Tank Utilities with The contribution of All.

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Anyone is invited to participate in Forums
or submit Reseach and Studies, use any AMAQUEN's publication,
and customize and preview suggestions in real-time.


Get started best with the CIMQUSEF, Quality-Research.

Each CIMQUSEF allows the best opportunities to Researchers and Practionners, to innovate together and suggest the relevant solutions for the problems of Education, now and in the future. Also included is over 100 free stock photos and pulications.

“It is very much for me to contribute my little contribution to the CIMQUSEF. You know how much I value the constant effort you make to organize quality conferences!”

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People just like you are already loving AMAQUEN

  • It's really an exciting programme of CIMQUSEF14! Great job done.

    Susanna Karakhanyan
    INQAAHE President
  • It is very much for me to contribute my little contribution to the CIMQUSEF. You know how much I value the constant effort you make to organize quality conferences.

    Jean-Marie DeKetele
    Researcher Lecturer
  • Very nice program of the CIMQUSEF10, very international. Bravo. You can be proud of yourself.

    Alain Bouvier
    Author Editor

You can think all together with AMQUEN

  • Foresight

    You can contribute with your innovative ideas to built the future of Education, so you’ll never have to think alone because many others persons will share with you these thoughts through this website. And with all interested by the Quality in Education, you can suggest and preview any ideas across all your mind production, and you will sure that we will take it in account.

  • User Delegation

    There are infinite ways to delegate user access to any feature or section of AMAQUEN website securely. Users can be given trial access to areas and have their access expire after any period of time. Users can also manage their own account profiles including time zones, contact information, mailing lists, and passwords.

  • App Workflow

    Create custom database forms to collect information from any group of users on AMAQUEN site and create custom and secure data views to display the information collected to privileged users. Syncs with contact database and trigger autoresponders, notifications, and personalized email drip campaigns based on actions taken by any user.

  • Recent Publications

    All the publications of AMAQUEN are availables in this website. You can access to the recent research papers, case studies, reports in any time. You have the possibility to see photos and videos of our activities and share them as you want. You can also comment about our publications and submit your contributions to be published in our JoQiE.

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Meet leading researchers and experts around the world.

AMAQUEN allows you to meet leading researchers and experts around the world, then you can contact directly and in live whom you appreciate more.

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Offered Services

Many relevant services offered by AMAQUEN including downloading publications, submittng papers, sharing ideas, membership and staff portals.



With permanent activities such as CIMQUSEF, COQUAL and JoQiE you can follow AMAQUEN news and contribute in its work by you comments and suggestions, even more to be part of the actors.



CIMQUSEF is the International Conference on Quality in Education which allow researchers and practitionners to share new toughts about the quality in education.


Stock Photos

We packed AMAQUEN website with many high quality royalty-free stock photos carefully sized and compressed. You can use this treasure as you like. Feel free to share as widely as possible.



JoQiE is the Journal of Quality in Education which allows researchers to publish their articles andshare them with other reserachers and stakeholders. JoQiE is indexed by DOAJ.



The Mahdi Elmandjra Award is the best way to valorize stakeholders who do the best for the Quality in Education, and to award researchers in the field of Social Science and Humanities. The winner will receive $ 1,000 at a ceremony organized in Morocco, and the organizer will cover the transportation and accommodation expenses.

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Participants in CIMQUSEF


Papers in JoQiE

AMAQUEN's services and activities will help you to be
one of the key players in the Quality of Education
in the future.

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